A Good Man Goes to War

Demons run when a good man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the sun, When a good man goes to war.
Friendship dies and true love lies, Night will fall and the dark will rise, When a good man goes to war.
Demons run, but count the cost. The battle's won but the child is lost.

Doctor Who episode: A Good Man Goes To War


I have this blog that I try and record My RamblingsOpens in new window, and sometimes I do succeed in this task. I don't update as often as I probably should. I am trying my hardest though!


Over the years I have taken many pictures. They can be seen at the links that follow to both my Flickr Opens in new window account and pictures hosted on my own siteOpens in new window, both of which I tend to use as backup. I also have some select images on InstagramOpens in new window.


Here is a listing of some of the ApplicationsOpens in new windowthat I have developed. If you wish, you can also follow my development adventures on GithubOpens in new window.


Recently I have been incentivised to create some montages of photos taken on some trips I have been on over the last few yeasr. They are short 30 / 40 second movies and can be found on my Youtube ChannelOpens in new window.

Good Reads

I enjoy reading and have created a profile on Good ReadsOpens in new window. Here I can share the books I love with ohters who love reading as well.

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